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The responsibility of CTI and/or its agents is limited. CTI acts only as an agent for organizations in regard to travel and assumes no liability for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity either by reason or defect, through acts of defaults of any company or person engaged in conveying the passengers or in carrying out the arrangements of the tours, or direct or indirect acts of God, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, riots, strikes or from any causes beyond the control of CTI. Tour services including, but not limited to, lift tickets, tubing tickets, rental equipment, transportation, meals, or lodging accommodations are furnished by independent contractors (suppliers) and do not act for or on behalf of CTI. CTI is not liable or responsible in any way whatsoever for any act, error, or omission or for inconvenience, loss, damage, injury or death arriving out of tour arrangements. CTI does not purport to guarantee snow conditions at any resort at any time. In the event of inclement weather or other causes or events beyond the control of CTI, which result in delays, it shall not be the responsibility of CTI to pay for relating costs and expenses, including but not limited to, additional lodging expense, additional meal(s) expense, or other similar expenses. The acceptance of tour arrangements is deemed to be consent to the above. Specific supplier terms and conditions, as noted in the contract packet, supersede these General Terms, Responsibilities and Conditions.


Return a complete copy of the signed contract with the Initial Group/ Per Person Trip Deposit by the due date. All reservations are held as tentative until the signed contract and deposit are returned. Failure to return the signed contract and all payments by the respective due dates may result in cancellation of the entire trip. The Group Rooming Form, Skier Participation Form and Equipment Rental Form (when requested) must be returned to CTI by the date indicated in the contract. Equipment and sleeping rooms are not guaranteed if information is not received by this date. Failure to drop any unneeded rooms, meals, equipment, etc. by the appropriate date, as noted elsewhere in contract, will result in the group being charged for these items. To abide by and meet all aspects of the contract and the General Terms, Responsibilities and Conditions. Communicate complete and accurate information to all participants and responsible parties (i.e. Skier Responsibility Code, availability of lessons, trip expenses, itinerary, phone numbers and so forth).


The Initial Group/ Per Person Deposit is used to secure a general number of participants. The entire amount of the Initial Group/Per Person Trip Deposit will apply to a completed trip final balance. The Non-Refundable Per Person Payment (2nd payment outlined in the contract) is, as stated, non-refundable but is transferable. Final balance is due to CTI as outlined in the contract. All payments must be made by the sponsoring organization on behalf of all participants in the form of one check,  money order Or Credit Card (a processing fee will apply). A service charge of $25.00 per occurrence will apply for returned checks.


  1. CTI will make every reasonable effort to accommodate any additions to this contract, whether with regard to number of participants or tour inclusions. However, additional space is subject to availability.
  2. Should the organization cancel the entire trip after the Initial Group/Per Person Trip Deposit is received but before the Non-Refundable Per Person payment is received, the organization will receive a refund equal to the Initial Group/Per Person Trip Deposit less a $150.00 cancellation fee due to CTI, as well as any supplier service fees which occur as a result of the cancellation. (e.g. lodging vendors might charge a cancellation fee per unit or a transportation vendor might retain the deposit made on your behalf).
  3. Should the organization cancel the entire trip after the Initial Group/Per Person Trip Deposit and the Non-Refundable Per Person Deposit have been received, the organization would receive the Initial Group/Per Person Trip Deposit (less the $150.00 cancellation fee) and the Non-Refundable Per Person payment is forfeited.
  4. Should the organization cancel the entire trip after all funds have been received by CTI (with the exception of ski area closure - see #5), the Non-Refundable Per Person payment is forfeited. All other funds (including the Initial Per Person Trip Deposit) less any non-recoverable charges from suppliers will be refunded.
  5. Should the ski area contracted with temporarily close prior to the organizations departure date, CTI will attempt to reschedule or make arrangements with an alternate location. If neither is possible and the organization chooses to cancel the trip, all monies paid will be refunded less a $150.00 cancellation fee and any non-recoverable charges from suppliers.
  6. After the organization has departed on the trip, should any activity in the package become unavailable due to the facility temporarily closing, CTI will attempt to make arrangements elsewhere. If this is not possible, a refund for that portion of the package, which was not available, will be refunded.



Prices are guaranteed upon receipt of this signed contract and the Initial Group/Per Person Trip Deposit. However, some suppliers reserve the right to increase their prices without notice (e.g. fuel surcharge by an airline or bus company). Any resulting charges or expenses will be passed on to the group. Group prices are based on a minimum number of participants. Prices may increase if the number of participants falls below the group minimum required as noted in the contract packet.


Refunds or allowances will not be made for any unused portion of this package where the facility or service is operational. Any unused individual equipment rentals, lift tickets, or ski area meal vouchers must be returned by 10:00am on the first scheduled day of use in order to receive any financial credit.


When available, complimentary lift and rental  packages are based on a specific number of participants. In most cases, the ratio is one per 15 paid skiers. Example, for 16 to 31 paid skiers, the group would receive 1 complimentary package, for 32 to 47 paid skiers, the group would receive 2 complimentary packages, and so forth. Certain ski resorts have higher requirements for group rates or may have blackout periods when these incentives are not offered. These complimentary lift tickets and/or lift and rental packages will be adjusted accordingly.

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